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euro dizel 5
0.95 euro/l
No sulfur diesel fuel, or product with all quality requirements and applied properties corresponding to current European standard EN 590 and is primarily intended for vehicles equipped with highly efficient systems - catalytic converters to reduce harmful substances in the exhaust gases. Such vehicles during homologation in Europe must meet EURO V total sulfur content of up to 10 mg / kg, and the addition of specific additives to provide lubricity required. Cetane number of at least 51st Fuel is intended for vehicles with a diesel engine, it meets all the requirements prescribed by EN 590, can contain up to 7% of volume of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) as diesel fuel replies B7.
BMB 95
0.95 euro/l
Eurosuper BS 95 Class is a high-quality fuel that is based on a recognized market for Euro V fuel with additives. This is a bezsumpornom unleaded motor gasoline conforming to the requirements of the applicable European standard EN 228 The sulfur content is up to 10 mg / kg. Additive in fuel improves driveability car, extends engine life, increases strength, reduces fuel consumption and protect the environment.
Popust uz Karticu Green Oil
0.05 euro/l