...about us
"Green oil" Ltd is a company founded on 16.06.2003. and operates on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our company’s main activity is oil and oil derivative trade.

"Green oil" Ltd supplies its market with fuel, oil and lubricants that meet the highest European standards in quality and environmental protection. "Green oil" Ltd has become a stable partner to some of the largest companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina only by virtue of high quality goods and expertise in the business.

"Green oil" Ltd is technically qualified, and employs expert staff, in the oil and all kinds of petroleum products, as in wholesale and in retail. Considering the volume of our business, the company is liquid and regularly services all claims in accordance with their contractual obligations.

Currently we have two retail stations::
At abovementioned facilities, we offer customers the highest quality fuel on the market at affordable retail prices.

Our vision is to be the leading company in the distribution of petroleum and petroleum products by highlighting the high level of social and environmental responsibility, as well as contemporary standards of client service.

Our mission is to create high-quality services with a brand that wins the trust of our clients and consumers.
...gas station at Marka Marulića Street